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  • Sizzelle.com is a rapidly expanding online product store for hard-to-find, quality health & beauty products. It is owned and operated by Bounty Brooks Ltd. Bounty Brooks was incorporated in Nigeria in 2011 as a health and beauty provider. The owner of Bounty Brooks Ltd is Dr Fomsky, a medical doctor and beauty blogger with a special interest in dermatology and fitness.

    After starting a hair and fitness blog in January 2011 called THE SIZZLING MOMMY BLOG, she went out to shops here in Nigeria looking for products she read about online. Alas, they were nowhere to be found! She decided to start ordering them for personal use. When her blog readers asked her about the products she often talked about in her blog posts, she decided to start bringing in these products for her readers. That was the beginning of the Sizzelle Nigerian Online Shopping Site! Dr Fomsky also personally tests many of the products before selling them on Sizzelle. Today, we are an online health & beauty business providing you with:

    1. Top quality, imported hair and skin products which have actively tested by our owner.
    2. Pertinent information & knowledge about fitness & beauty concerns and trends.

    100% Genuine and authentic international product brands

    1. Effective products with good reviews
    2. Excellent customer service


    The Sizzelle promise: effective, unique original products at the lowest possible prices!

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    -With so many savings available, wouldn’t you rather shop with us and save yourself the hassle of going from shop to shop?

    -With a few clicks, you’ll receive original, effective products to meet all your beauty needs. 

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    We’ll help you GET YOUR SIZZLE SIZZELLE ON! No wahala!

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